As a retiree, you have the opportunity to continue your dental and/or optical coverage paying the same premium as active employee’s. Your monthly premium will be subject to an annual increase every January 1st.

The retiree monthly premium will be paid by you, directly to SEBF.

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What is the difference between COBRA and the Retiree Dental/Optical Plan?

COBRA must be offered for certain qualifying events.  Coverage is up to 18 months, with a 2% administrative fee included in the premium.

The Retiree Plan covers you for as long as you continue to pay the monthly premium, with no additional fees.

What benefits am I eligible for if I choose the Retiree Plan?

You can elect the coverage level you had at retirement (with the exception of orthodontia), or a lower level of coverage.

For example, if you have family coverage at retirement, you can choose individual retiree coverage.  If you have individual coverage at retirement, you cannot choose family coverage.

When will I receive the Retiree Dental/Optical Plan information?

Once your employer notifies us of your retirement, we will send you the information to enroll. 

If you have not received the Retiree Dental/Optical information and wish to enroll, please contact us at 315-218-6513.

How do I pay my premium?

Payment is due on the 1st of each month.  We allow a 30-day grace period; however, we cannot confirm your eligibility until payment is received for that month.

Please mail your premiums to:

Service Employees Benefit Fund
PO Box 1240, Syracuse, NY 13201

* If you are employed at Syracuse University, City of Oswego or Crouse Hospital, please see your Human Resource Department for your retiree benefit information.