We are pleased to welcome our Western NY and               Pennsylvania members to our Davis Vison Plan


Effective January 1, 2024 if you are enrolled with SEBF for vision coverage you will now be joining our CNY and surrounding area members in our Davis Vision Plan.

When using a participating provider, you will no longer need to pay the full cost of services up front and submit to SEBF for a reimbursement.  You will be responsible for paying the applicable copays at the time of the visit (ex: an eye exam is a $10 copay).  Vision benefits are available every 24 months.

You will still have the option of choosing an out-of-network provider for the benefit of $120 every 24 months.

Please visit the Optical page on this website for additional information about your Davis Vision Plan and/or to print an out-of-network claim form.


          Service Employees Benefit Fund now has a Retiree Dental/Optical Benefit


Effective January 1, 2023 Service Employees Benefit Fund (SEBF) will offer Retiree’s the option to continue the dental and/or optical coverage they were enrolled in at the time of their retirement.

  • This benefit will allow the retiree an opportunity to continue their dental and/or optical coverage paying the same premium that an active employee would be eligible for.
  • The retiree monthly premium will be paid by the employee directly to SEBF
  • Their monthly premium will be subject to an annual increase every January 1st

Eligibility for these benefits will continue as long as the retiree pays the monthly premium (unlike COBRA, which is only 18 months of coverage)

Contact Kim Sanderson at 315-218-6513 with any questions you may have.


Fight the Flu!!


If you are enrolled in SEBF's medical coverage through Excellus BCBS, you get your flu shot at any local pharmacy at no cost to you

You may also receive other vaccinations such as Pneumonia, Shingles (60 and over) and many other routine immunizations at your local participating pharmacy at no cost to you.  Just present your Excellus BCBS ID card at you local pharmacy.